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February 28, 2012

To Whom lt May Concern:

It is our pleasure to recommend Wendell and Nancy Chong of Click Business Strategies. We have been using their search engine optimization; site ranking and online advertising services
for some months now and have been very pleased with the results.

For the month of November 2011, completed online sales were more than double the previous year for the same time period; in December, sales were up 40%. Thanks to detailed analysis tools, we know these increases are due to their efforts.

Their solutions are turnkey and elements have included banner artwork, website improvements, comparative testing, special landlng pages, a micro site and many others.

Wendell and Nancy’s attention to detail, ability to think outside the box”, willingness to brainstorm, flexibility, and collaborative approach have been invaluable in achieving our goals.

Their work has been made all the more remarkable by the fact that our product competes in a crowded market where visibility is often difficult. Wendell and Nancy’s ability to see the “big picture” and depth of experience across a range of disciplines has given us an edge in a very competitive space.

Working with Click has improved our online visibility, Google ranking and sales numbers. Their suggestions regarding the user’s online experience on our website has improved its appearance and functionality. Their passion, drive, skill, warmth and professionalism are evident and we look forward to working with them as we bring more products to market.

I’m happy to answer any questions at (949) 214-0824.
My cell is: (714) 855-0953. Email:

Best regards,

Trish Sweeney Mike Sweeney
VP Marketing President

13885-4 Alton Parkway, lrvine, CA 92618
phone: (888)804-0561
fax: (949) 680-3435

Dear Nancy and Wendell,

Thank you so much for meeting with me yesterday regarding my business. My hand was busy taking notes as my brain was quickly processing all of the great suggestions and input you both shared.

Last night I actually had a dream about the meeting! I dreamt of a winning slot machine spewing coins as I rushed to put them in my basket. The coins represented the valued information you shared with me regarding sharing the “I am enough” message with girls and women.

Now, the next day, I have pages of action items. Not just notes to be forgotten, but an actual plan to more forward in very simple and effective ways.

I am blessed to have found you both, not just for your knowledge sharing, but because you are professional, compassionate people who truly go the extra mile to grow and nurture entrepreneurs like me.

Jan Thomas

Ever since Wendell updated our schools website we have received several comments stating how wonderful and clear our new website is.

Since the launch of the new website we have received a number of phone calls and e mails from parents interested in enrolling their children in our school.

Many of which found us on line through our new site! We are incredibly grateful for all of Wendell’s help and so are our student’s and their parents.

We highly recommend Wendell.

Thank you again!

Montessori Harbor Mesa